We offer the finest Gunsmithing in the Metro-Detroit area

Gunsmith Services

• Basic Cleaning Handgun,Rifle, and Shotgun

• Detail Tear down Cleaning Handgun,Rifle, and Shotgun

• Bore Sighting

• Sight Installation

• Basic Scope Mounting

• Professional Scope Mounting

• Action Jobs

• Repair for Handgun,Rifle and Shotgun

• Problem Diagnosis for Handgun,Rifle and Shotgun

• Safety Inspection

• Parts Install

AR-15 Specific Services

• Assemble Rifle

• Barrel Change

• Install 2-Piece Forend

• Install Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake

• Install Free-Float Forend

• Install/Boresight Optical Sight

• Install/Replace Grip

• Install/Replace Stock

• Install/Replace Trigger

• Trigger Work

We provide a 30-day warranty and honor manufacturer’s warranty on our services and products.

Call us today to learn more about our gunsmith services.


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